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I am happy to answer questions of a technical and regulatory nature in the area of satellite and radio communications. I am best able to answer questions about systems and technology and less able to respond to questions about specific hardware and equipment setup and installation, but I'm happy to try and address any question put my way. My main areas of expertise are link analysis (link budgets, performance, Eb/No, capacity), interference analysis (C/I, protection ratios, interference avoidance), spectrum management (frequency coordination, inter-system sharing), Radio Regulation (ITU, ITU-R) and satellite technologies and trends.

Experience in the area

I have worked as a satellite communications engineer at a professional level since 1983. Since 1990, as Managing Director of RPC Telecommunications Limited, I have operated a private satellite communications consultancy and have provided technical support to many satellite operators and national governments.


IET - Institution of Engineering and Technology, IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


B.Sc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bristol University, 1983, M.Sc. Satellite Communications Engineering, Surrey University, 1986

Awards and Honors

C.Eng. - Chartered Engineer registered with the Engineering Council (UK)

What do you like about this subject?

I've been interested in radio communications since I built my first single-diode receiver back in 1970 and fascinated by space since the Apollo program of the 1960s (watching Neil Armstrong's first steps on the Moon back in 1969). Since I was never going to be an astronaut I managed to get a job in satellite communications as the next best thing!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There's always something to learn! Staying ahead of the latest technologies and trends is a constant learning process.

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