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I can answer questions regarding aerodynamics, fluid flow, and computational simulations.

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turbomachinery flow analysis, computational fluid dynamics


Mississippi State University






Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering

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(yes, that's a "not-so-recent" picture of me................from the 60's)

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Michael08/19/14101010Interesting answer!
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Recent Answers from Mark Janus

2014-08-18 Fieseler Fi 103 (Vergeltungswaffe):

Hi Michael,  I would venture to say that even at altitude 400mph is under the critical Mach number for the V-1 and hence sweeping the wings would not provide much (if any) benefit.  Swept wings are designed

2014-04-04 Speed of sound:

While it is not impossible, I do not believe it has been done...  most prop planes don't have enough power to overcome the shock losses associated with supersonic flight...    You'd probably have to be

2013-10-01 Rocket engine nozzle pressure:

Hi Mark,    When it is said that a nozzle is optimized when the exit pressure matches the ambient pressure that simply means that the nozzle is designed for that condition... The walls of a (bell-shaped)

2013-08-16 Jet Engines:

Hi Rimpo,    The approximate stochiometric air to fuel ratio is about 15/1 for hydrocarbon fuels...  I believe slightly richer ~12/1 yields the most power... but I don't have my propulsion info in front

2013-05-26 Prop speed:

Since they are direct drive they turn at typical piston engine RPM...  e.g. 2000 - 2500    If you are referring to WWII type aircraft or high performance racing aircraft it's more like 4000-5000    If


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