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I can answer questions about aviation industry employment, airports and airport planning and aviation industry regulation (overall regulation of the industry--who regulates what and why).

Experience in the area

I have worked in aviation since the late 1960s, primarily in airports, airport planning and in aviation education. I have done major research in aviation employment and in graduate education in aviation.


University Aviation Association since 1982 (President, 2009-2010)


Collegiate Aviation Review Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research Journal of Air Transportation ATEA Journal SIU Press


B. S. in History and Government, University of Redlands, California, 1969 M. A. in Political Science (Metropolitan Studies), Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, 1971 M. S. in Transportation, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1974 Ph.D. in Education (Education Aministration and Higher Education), Southern Illinois University Carbonale, 1987

Awards and Honors

United Airlines William Wheatley Award from the University Aviation Association, 1994 for excellence in Post Secondary Aviation Education Sorensen Award for Excellence in Research, University Aviation Association, 2008

Past/Present Clients

Prepared airport master plan and environmental assessment reports for several Illinois Airports; prepared two separate airport systems plans for the Chicago area

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Recent Answers from David A. NewMyer

2017-01-31 Seats location in Commercial airlines.:

Hi, Preshant:    By bi-directional, I assume you mean some facing front and some facing backward.    Some bi-directional seating was used on airliners up to the early 737 models....sometimes called club

2017-01-27 Fish tanks in Commercial Airlines.:

Prashant:    There are at least six negative aspects of this idea that I can think of:    1.  Danger of saltwater (assuming saltwater/seawater is used) corrosion of the interior of the aircraft due to

2016-12-15 Double Decker Commercial Aircraft Design.:

Hi, Prashant:    Nice to hear from you again.   There has been a double-decker commercial airline aircraft flying in global airline fleets since the first delivery of the Airbus A-380 to Singapore Airlines

2016-08-15 International airport design.:

Hi, Prashant:    An increase of 30 to 50 flights per day would impact different airports differently.  For example, an international airport designed to handled 1000 flights per day would not be significantly

2016-08-15 International airport design.:

Hi, Prashant:    My view of airport terminal design, especially international airport terminal design, has to focus as much on the number of airline aircraft loading gates needed first, and then the number


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