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I can address questions about airline pilot employment and airline ground service careers in the United States, women pilots, flight training, flight scholarships (mostly for women), and airline operations. ***Please note, I cannot address flight training & career queries from outside the United States, or aero engineering degree programs/careers, aviation management topics. ****

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Airline pilot since 2001 (currently on the B737) with 15 years past experience in airline ground operations.


International Organization of Women Pilots - The Ninety-Nines, charter member of Women In Aviation International, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association


Embry Riddle Aeronautical University; Aviation Safety/Accident investigation.

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2016-01-14 Pilot Flying Licence.:

No, not in the United States. I can't comment on other countries.      The certificate is valid for life. (One is actually a "certificated pilot", technically it's not a license as far as the FAA is concerned

2015-09-07 Fixing whiteboard in Aeroplane.:

No. It is not something that is needed by passengers. Only necessary equipment is installed. ANY items adding extra weight with little or no benefit won't be installed on an airliner. If a passenger desires

2015-08-15 Altimeter Flight instrument.:

No, the altimeter actually indicates pressure altitude. With all aircraft in a given air mass using that reference, it's a better measure as they are all on the same setting. Trying to maintain FL360 above

2015-08-07 Marble flooring in airports runways.:

If you are literally talking about a runway- on which aircraft take off from and land upon- being made of marble flooring:    Marble flooring is hardly a suitable material of which to construct a runway

2015-08-06 Marble flooring in airports runways.:

No, runways would never be made of marble.


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