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Basis aircraft and engine maintenance. Avionics and other electronic questions related to computers and radio communications.

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FAA licensed comercial pilot, A&P mechanic, former authorized inspector, ground instructor certified in aircraft, powerplant and radio navigation. FCC commercial license.

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Prashant S Akerkar08/07/15101010Dear Marc Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....
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2015-09-03 Electronic Security Lock for Aeroplane Ignition.:

Anything is possible. Must consider that the switch is not only for the ignition as you put but also power for the starter as well as other function. Now my expertise is with general aviation so small

2015-08-15 Altimeter Flight instrument.:

Altimeters do not measure accurately the height above the ground. It is only a relative number.  The altimeter has a very sensitive pressure reading device called an aneroid. It is a series of hollow disk

2015-08-07 Marble flooring in airports runways.:

Both. Look at it logically. Why would they lay a marble runways when concrete runways are more practical for many ways. Lets start with with being seamless. In all the years I have flown I never landed

2015-08-06 Marble flooring in airports runways.:

Any smooth hard surface can be used for a runway. The cost of marble runway would be very expensive and not practical. Marble is not a strong material so it would have to be thick.  that would add to the

2014-12-11 Source of static in airplane com:

This can be a frustrating problem caused by something simple or complex. Let me start with a story? A customer had a Cessna 210 that had this problem on takeoff, sometimes.  I tried everything I could


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