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I can answer questions on the history and technical aspects of Zeppelins/German Rigid Airships.

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None other than an interest in rigid airships and a large library on the subject

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Tony 09/22/16101010Thanks for trying Mark. I'm wondering whether .....
Michael11/19/13101010Good answer!
Tony03/27/08101010Thanks. I wondered about how extensive the .....
Tony01/07/08101010Thanks Mark. Excellent information. I'll wait until .....

Recent Answers from Mark Smith

2016-09-20 Destruction of Shutte-Lanz SL11:

Hello Tony.  I've not heard of that expression before, although it does sound like just the thing a patriotic newspaper would concoct.  The best account of the shooting down of the SL11 I've found is in

2013-11-17 Mixing hydrogen and nitrogen as a safe helium alternative:

Hello Michael.  Mixing hydrogen with another gas would not solve the problem. It would mean the airship would have a reduced lift, so a larger airship would be required simply to lift the same weight.

2011-08-31 plane launch and landing/ airships:

Hello Dwayne.  I'm not aware of any plans for the now cancelled Walrus airship project to carry aircraft, unlike the US airships of the early 1930s which were purpose built airborne aircraft carriers.

2009-01-13 blimps:

Hello Andrew.  I can answer your first two questions easily enough, but for the other four it would be better if you took a look at which has planty of technical information and

2008-03-27 Zeppelins:

Hello Tony.I'm always ready to spread the word about such a great book. It sounds like you've got a fellow enthusiast in the US or Canadian mail service !   If you're interested in the Zeppelin raids on


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