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I can answer all market and product related questions withinthe paper, pulp, and paper packaging industries

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30 years of experience working for 5 major producers. Consultant for 10 years




Fordham and Yale

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Anca04/29/16101010Thank you very much for your answer!

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2016-04-29 strength wrapping:

Any product that is heavy, handles extensively, or exposed to excessive handling requires high strength packaging. Also, there is wet and dry strength packaging types so this should be considered.    Examples

2011-09-10 Specially made, ultra thin paper:

Yes, this is often called bible paper. This paper is made by producers who make uncoated freesheet paer with special capabilities to make opaque lightweights. In the US, Twin Rivers has this capability

2011-06-28 paper board quality:

generally, gsm is best as it has the greatest impact on strength, cost, thickness, weight, and overall performance    One is not inherently stronger. It depends more on other papermaking variables such

2011-02-25 fine paper power:

Paper consists of cellulose fibers and various chemicals. These materials can be cut into microscopic pieces with the right equipment. Tissue paper would be more pure than coated paper or uncoated copy

2009-07-27 paper:

This of course is a very general question. The answer depends on what type of product you are referring to. For highly specialized or technical products (for instance, filter papers, release papers, electrical


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