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Recycling, solid and liquid waste management, social and environmental procurement, transportation demand management, energy and resource conservation, green buildings and corporate environmental management systems.

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20 years working in the public and private sector waste management field.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

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Recent Answers from Rob Janus

2014-05-29 Batteries:

Hello James. Thank you for your question.   You are right that my location in Canada limits my ability to help you. I would start the search with your city or county government offices if I were in your

2012-04-26 Septic systems:

Hi Peter,    Thanks for your question.  It shouldn't affect your drain field in a negative way, as long as you don't compact the soil or sand on top... and you use a water-permeable membrane for the weed

2011-11-10 Drain problem:

Hi Tony,  Thanks for your question.  It is unlikely that the buildup you describe is from toiletry products, as these should have very limited effect unless you're putting them down the drain in concentrated

2011-09-06 septic tank maintenace:

Hi Patricia,    Thank you for your question.  You definitely need to have your tank pumped regularly to avoid sludge getting into your septic field and eventually clogging it ($$$$$).  Rather than explain

2011-03-22 Recycling in Egypt:

Hello Ahmed,    Thank you for your question.  I'm honoured that you chose me to offer you some advice.  Your questions are significant, though, and I'm not sure I am able to answer them for you.    The


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