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Oil and gas exploration and production, particularly on the commercial and engineering aspects. Including asset management, negotiations, development planning, acquisitions & disposals, economics and other petroleum engineering topics.

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Numerous international oil and gas exploration companies and governments. Under a current long-term contract, I am advising the Government of Ireland on appraisal, development and production of oil and gas fields.

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2010-04-02 Well Testing:

The radius of investigation would be higher for the second flow period and should therefore be more likely to see the boundaries of the reservoir and so give a more accurate indication of STOIIP. However

2009-03-16 Selling My Stake in an Oil Block:

There is no magic formula to value exploration acreage, the only way of getting an accurate value would be to have a technical evaluation undertaken by consultants. However, since the consultants will

2008-08-28 Net Present Value:

Net Present Value or NPV is the value of an asset taking into account the time value of money. It is calculated by discounting the expected future cash flows by a fixed percentage.   If a discount rate

2008-07-03 gasoline production:

A range of products can be produced from a barrel of crude and the types and volumes of each will depend on the type of crude and the processes used to refine it. They may range from chemical feedstock

2008-05-15 Temperature Effect of Natural Gas:

The amount of heat generated by burning the natural gas depends on its composition. Natural gas is mostly methane but will also include more complex hydrocarbons, which will produce more energy than methane


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