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20 years in procurement and supply management. E-Procurement with BuySite and other Commerce One products. Automotive, Print Industry, furniture and Heavy Truck are areas of expertise.

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Many years of purchasing stampings, plating and other products and both domestic and international negotiations.




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MA-Anthoropology, 8D, 5Why, 6Sigma Greenbelt Certified.

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Farida07/26/12101010Fast as lightning answer.
Rahul Mehta12/15/11 
Joseph Vogele, Jr02/15/1010I asked if the company was still .....
ken10/27/08101010thank you for your help

Recent Answers from Ralph Salier

2012-07-26 Balance Sheet:

Hi Farida,    So you are the bank issuing the LC.  In my 30+ years of being in procurement, this is the first time I have encountered a fee being charged for the issuance of a LC.  In most cases, the bank

2012-07-26 Balance Sheet:

Ah, ok it makes a bit more sense.      A letter of Credit is a financial instrument that allows some one to use "funds" prior to getting paid for a delivery.  Effectively a loan.  A small company often

2012-07-26 Balance Sheet:

Hi Farida,    I beg your indulgence, what do you mean by LC? License Certification?      Secondly, why do you want to take this off balance sheet?  This is a cost of doing business? If it is, then it should

2010-07-06 eProcurement Software:

Hi Prerna,    This is a very difficult question to answer with out knowing a lot more about your company and what you hope to accomplish with the soft ware.  There are many kinds of ERP or MRP systems

2010-02-13 M. Stein Cosmetics:

Mr. Vogele,    Here is there address.        M Stein Cosmetics Co  430 Broome St  New York, NY 10013   (212) 431-4229     This is a very small company and I have been unable to determine if they are still


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