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Have worked with all possibile processing and packaging systems used in food industry. I have over 30 years experience related to Food and Beverage manufacturing.


Institute of Food Technology American Institute of Chemical Engineering


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Masters in Chemistry BS in Chemistry Bs and in Chemical Engineering

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Jean11/15/16101010Jim, I appreciate your advice. It's not .....

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2016-11-10 pump and lines to transfer hot liquid:

Hello Jean    To me it is a small operation so instead of using pump and pipes you may want to see if the filler can fit under the kettle. If there is not enough height for the filler to fit in then you

2016-11-06 pump and lines to transfer hot liquid:

Hello Jean    How big is you kettle?    You will have to use Stainless Steal piping and pump. Both should be food grade as the product will touch their surfaces while being transferred from kettle to filler

2016-09-01 Storing Tomatoes:

Hello Lanre    The new technology to preserve Fruits and vegetables is known as HPP which is high pressure process it kills all the bacteria surrounding the fruits and or vegetables. You can go on line

2016-04-05 co packer:

Hello Domenic    I will need more information to identify a cop-packer for your soup.  Is it a commercial product?  Are their any meats in the soup.  What type of cans are you using. Steel or Aluminum

2016-01-24 Combination: Microwave and food dehydrator process:

Hello Claude  The best alternative is to immediately freeze the blanched product.  For microwave operation you may contact the equipment manufacturer and discuss  your project. They have experts for hat


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