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I am a Software Architect employed by a large multi-national communications company providing VoIP and tradtional TDM communications to Enterprise customers.

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IBM, SBS, Siemens, KPMG, Bank Berlin, Commerzbank

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2015-07-08 skype:

Hi Chris,    welcome to a brave new world...    Take a look at this short video.     <a href="https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA3681/how-do-i-make-free-voice-and-video-calls-on-skype-for-windows-desktop">

2015-07-08 skype:

Hi Chris,     if you have a microphone, it will be somewhere built into your laptop. Normal stand-alone desktop computers generally do not come with microphones.    If you are lucky enough to have a microphone

2015-07-08 skype:

Hi Chris,    Skype lets to talk to people all over the world using your internet connection instead of a traditional telephone line. It also allows you to send text messages and to see each other using

2014-12-15 using a Logitech headset:

Hi Chris,    Yeah, you don't always need the microphone but it's there in case you do need it to talk to someone - for example when using Skype or something like that.    Think of it like the mirrors on

2014-12-14 using a Logitech headset:

Hi Chris,    you can either plug your headset into the rear of the computer or into the front. Front is probably easiest to get to. Your headset should have the two pins color coded. Generally pink means


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