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I have been an IT professional for over 16 years. During that time I have accumulated a large store of knowledge and experience. This allows me to assist with a large variety of technology issues. My specialty is Database design primarily with MS Access. However, I can answer questions on many different IT related topics.

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I have worked in IT support for over 16 years. I have also helped people in cyberspace for a good portion of that time. I have been a volunteer staffer on Prodigy and AOL. I was the #2 ranked expert at (#1 in Technology) and am currently ranked at or near the top at and

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2015-10-01 simple database tool:

Sorry I don't know of anything that meets all your criteria. Especially the "free" part.     Creating a product that manages data and has a "good interface" requires effort on the part of the creator.

2015-08-30 Question on cloud database management:

Of course they have their own databases. As to how they are secured, there are many methods. You would have to ask someone more knowledgeable about being a DBA than I.    The major providers are Amazon'a


The message indicates a couple of possibilities.    1) In your BIOS settings, the boot device is set to ONLY boot from CD. If this is the case, it should be easy to fix. As your machine powers up there

2015-04-14 Forms & Database:

Its something that can be done with Access 2013 and an Office 365 account. This is called a hybrid application where data is entered through a web form then stored in a SQL Azure database. You can then


One way would be to use Cloud based storage as an intermediary. You should have a OneDrive account with Win 8 that can sync with your Pictures folder. I believe Android has an app that can download from


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