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2011-04-09 MDS Property Management Software:

Distinguishing factors are Customer Service and Security Compliance.  They should be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.  It shoul dbe process supportive, that is to say,

2010-08-22 2D barcode encoding method:

Hi Maneesha,    I am not an expert in this area but as a software engineer the first thing I thought of is there has to be software libraries or APIs / SKDs available for you to implement your own encoder

2009-06-26 Shared Folder Security:

I guess the only other way to do this would be to share the folder access by username or to locate the VB program in the same directory (folder) ad the file and execute the application via shortcut across

2009-06-26 Shared Folder Security:

Hi,    Are you asking how to set security permissions on a public (shared) folder on the server where the temo file is located?      "user access to program database except manual entry to the server database

2008-07-08 Recommendation for DNN Module:

Charles,    Hello.  I apologize for not getting back to you sooner - I am in travel mode again.      I do not know of any DNN module per se that does all of this.  The problem you are facing is a unified


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