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I would like to bring a nurse's perspective to this area. If someone has a question about a medication, and feel more comfortable directing it to a nurse than a doctor or pharmacist, then I'll try my best to help. PLEASE NOTE: I DON'T USUALLY PROVIDE ANSWERS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT TIL SAT NIGHT AS THIS IS THE JEWISH SABBATH.

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Graduate in 1976 from nursing school. Taken extra courses in pharmacology due to great interest in this field. Actually considered going to pharmacy school for a number of years.


Have volunteered with AllExperts in this field before, a few years ago.


Graduated nursing school, have taken extra CEU (continuing education units) in pharmacology due to interest in subject.

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only from volunteering with AllExperts before.

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Recent Answers from Patricia Morrow

2015-07-07 Furosimide and the sun:

Chuck,  I am going to venture to guess that your doctor advised you to stay out of the sun, not for the sun itself, but for the heat during the summer. The reason for this would be  because furosemide

2015-06-18 Clean since October what happened:

You need to go back to the NyQuil bottle and read the ingredients. If it has pseudoephedrine in it, then that can give you a false positive for amphetamines.  That's the only thing in the medications

2015-06-11 Withdrawals from Xanax:

Followi up:  Karen I apologize for the long period of time it took for me to answer. What happened is that we lost our Wi-Fi temporarily, so I was unable to work without it. I guess I'm cheap, because

2015-06-11 Withdrawals from Xanax:

Karen  let me ask you a quick question and you can answer me. Did the drooling stop when he was changed to Ativan? Answer me, and I will get back to you later today to the best of my knowledge.

2015-03-19 Nose spray:

James,  I do apologize because I absolutely did not see your other follow-up question. Flonase works on the sinus, nose and mucous membranes of the sinus tract, and therefore will not help cough or bronchitis


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