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Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Engineering Education, Nuclear Reactors, Pebble Bed Modular Reactors, Engineering Education

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Has been teaching Nuclear Engineering for more than 20 years and been in this field for more than 30 years


(Mak. Y. Müh.) MS in Mech. Eng. Istanbul Technical University '68
MS in Nuclear Eng. MIT'72
Sc.D. in Nuclear Eng. MIT'76

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Recent Answers from Osman Kemal Kadiroglu

2015-03-21 Blueprint error (pipe fitter):

Hi Rylan,    If I find an error on  a blueprint I would bring it to the attention of the people who is responsible in creating that design and making the drawing. It may be a simple mistake and they would

2014-12-27 Actinides.:

Hi Prashant,    If one checks the stability of Actinides one finds few stable or near stable nuclei  within the series. Thorium, Uranium (233,235,238) as well as Pu 239 isotopes are suitable as nuclear

2014-02-10 Is it safe to live near nuclear plant or dump site?:

Hi Alex,    It might be dangerous so, I advise you to ask a constructor to check the old house structurally. As far as the old nuclear plant is concern rest your mind in peace. Joke aside, I do not see

2014-02-07 Nuclear power response time:

Hi Ryan,    Usually nuclear power plants are built to supply the base load since it is more economical way of electricity production in a grid. The turbine is slave to the reactor which produces the maximum

2013-06-27 Nukes at WTC on 9/11?:

Dear Jerry,    I would like to ask your forgiveness for my long delay in replying to your question. I have to cope with unplanned health emergencies of my relatives. A 90 year old relative of mine is in


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