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Ever wonder what the next generation of nuclear reactor might look like? Or if the radiation from Fukushima is making your sushi unsafe? I have a passion for nuclear energy and new technologies. Ask me anything! Expertise in nuclear power safety, licensing, advanced reactors, risk, and radiation. I also love science fiction and dabble in space reactors.

Experience in the area

Reactor Systems Engineer and Branch Chief at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Nuclear Safety Engineering Manager at NuScale Power.


Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University (2002)

Awards and Honors

2011 Oregon Stater Award. 2007 Scientific Achievement Award from the Oregon Institute of Technology Alumni.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are 104 currently operating nuclear power plants in the US.
Over the past thirty years, there have been no deaths related to the operation of nuclear power plants. Compare that with thousands of deaths for the coal and hydro power industry.
Nuclear power supplies over 20% of electricity in the US. In Europe, this number is as high as 33%.
Cold fusion was discovered decade

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2016-07-21 Ozyorsk, Russia's Troubled Perimeter:

Hi Jesse! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I need to change the email address on this account so I get the notifications. As for radiation exposure during flights, there is no danger from the

2015-10-20 West Coast Radiation:

Thanks for the question Jay! I get this a fair amount. Nothing to worry about at all. I was born on the CA coast and have a lot's of family there. The article you provide is full of false information.

2015-08-31 Microsieverts/h of items:

Hi Jim and thanks for the question! No safety issues at all. Those are very low readings. May favorite way to discuss radiation is the bannana equivalent dose. Sounds kind of silly but helps out things

2015-01-12 Fusion powered VTOL cargo spaceships:

Hi Gordon, great question! To be frank I'm not an expert on fusion or nuclear space propulsion. However, that doesn't stop me from having an opinion :) Based on recent projects I've been tangentially a

2013-08-02 Nuclear power in Australia:

Jaya, thank you for the question! Nuclear power is a safe way to provide carbon free baseload power to cities. I would recommend the following presentation as an excellent source of pros and cons of nuclear


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