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I can answer questions about general construction and safety of plants, specific questions about operations, training, reactor theory, and thermodynamics. Will also consider other aspects as requested.

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Over 33 years in the nuclear power field, licensed senior reactor operator, and instructor.

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Recent Answers from Bill Mihalovits

2016-05-10 Protective Barriers in power plants:

As with any industrial setting, you need the standard protection for motors, pumps, and electrical equipment (protect from corrosion due to water).  We use cleanliness control programs to ensure anything

2015-03-12 Cell phone tower concern:

This is not my area of expertise but I am relatively knowledgeable about the radiation emitted from cell phones.  The controversy of course is that extensive use of a cell phone can cause tumors.  So I

2014-12-27 Actinides.:

The only fuels that can be used in a nuclear reactor are U-233, U-235, and Pu-239.  Nuclear reactors depend on thermal fission  (fission created by neutrons that have slowed to thermal equilibrium in the

2014-12-17 Radiation on a plane:

While studies show that there is a small increase in exposure to cosmic radiation, it is only significant for the pilot and crew because of the windshield.   See

2014-01-18 Nuclear power plant:

There's four parts to the startup.  First, the plant has to heatup to normal operating temperature.  Then the reactor itself has to be started (brought critical).  Once the reactor is critical it has to


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