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Dr V N Sivasankara Pillai


Chemical quality, water treatment

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24 years in teaching Chemistry of Water Treatment


Water Research, Polymer Internation, The Analyst, Talanta



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Cochin University (Retd)

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Chemical and water treatment industries

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2014-12-22 Water Purifier Machine.:

1. Yes, the disinfectant mechanism and alarms have to designed based on the battery.    2. Yes. To what extent you want to control it in the remote mode, based on that the remote control, including cell

2014-12-12 Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter.:

Dear Sri Akerkar,  Sorry that I received the question today only.  It is always convenient to have a user friendly monitoring system with remote operation facility from a mob if possible. of course it

2013-04-12 drinking water:

Dear Jothi,  It is not recommended to drink low salt water, except with other food items. This is because you are not supplementing salt lost by evaporation and urination. It is customary to add salt to

2013-03-18 Electrolysis and water treatment:

Dear Sultan,  MIOX is a leader in electrolytic disinfection with in situ generated chlorine. Could you search and find out?    You give a search for "waste water treatment, electrochemical". You can get

2013-03-16 Electrolysis and water treatment:

Dear Sultan,  You have to consider two types of waste water usually encountered.  One is industrial waste water with constituents that are electro-active, and sewage. In fact, water the medium itself is


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