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I will answer questions on residential water treatment, i.e. use of softeners, filters, reverse osmosis systems, disinfection, iron and/or sediment removal and other issues facing the homeowner. I have worked extensively with well water systems.

Experience in the area

I have worked in the water treatment area for many years as a consultant and as a professional environmental engineer in the private industry sector. I have designed reverse osmosis, deionization, and water softening systems. I have also done work in water quality and stream and river remediation as it relates to the Clean Water Act.


I am currently serving as an Expert for Home Improvement, Travel (New Mexico) and Travel (North Carolina);


BS Environmental Eng.

What do you like about this subject?

Water is the basis of all life and I love learning about water and how it relates to our environment. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with readers who are having issues with their water. I try to challenge the person asking the question to take a very active role in trying to figure out what their problem may be.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Most people don't realize that it would be so much cheaper to install a treatment system on their home water supply to give them purified water rather than purchasing bottled water! If you go to the store and buy a 16oz. bottle of "spring" water and it costs you, say $1. that is actually the equivalent of paying $8.00 per gallon! And we complain about $3 per gallon gasoline.

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Recent Answers from Steve Young

2016-10-15 follow-up to water softener questions with test results:

Hi Laurie,    Yes, reduce the softener setting to around 9-10 and monitor.  Also, let me know how this reduction affects the "feel" of the water.  I am a little puzzled by the somewhat low pH - also test

2016-10-06 Water softener worked fine few weeks ago, but now water is not slippery but tests soft:

Hi Laurie,  Yes, you can purchase a kit.  I would recommend contacting this company:     http://www.sensafe.com/idip/    Tell them you need a test kit for total hardness in ppm, total alkalinity in ppm

2016-10-05 Water softener worked fine few weeks ago, but now water is not slippery but tests soft:

Hi Laurie,  First of all the water coming out of the plant is not even close to being soft!  5.1 - 5.2 gpg hardness is around 75-80ppm (parts per million).  In order to be soft water must be less than

2016-03-23 Aquatec Water Purifier:

Hello Trevor,  I have been unable to find out anything about this company.  Based on the information you have given me I, personally, would just continue with your present water treatment system.  I see

2016-03-23 Aquatec Water Purifier:

Hi Trevor,  I would be glad to see if I can help you work through your water questions.  In order for me to start I need some information:    1.  Do you know what the the price he quoted you would be in


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