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Can - Dealing with Regulatory agencies, including; City, State and Federal entities. Storm Water Issues in communities, and dealing with developement. Individual responsibility and Urban Runoff. Can't - Legal rights, legal advice.

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14 years of regulatory experience, including enforcing policy, administration of penalties, administrative law judge hearings and educating the public.


Minor credits in advanced abatement of pollution in urban settings.

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2014-12-12 Storage Tank Electronic Monitoring Meter.:

This is feasible. Actually, I have seen these very monitoring systems aboard cargo vessels and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) carriers. Although it has been several years since I viewed these I am positive

2013-05-05 hot water cylinder:

Most water heaters do not switch off unless a problem exists. If it came back on then there is probably no fault it, just a precautionary measure built into to it by the manufacturer. The first water that

2012-10-14 well water storage tank ie; drinking etc:

Mr Johnston,    Unfortunately your choices are limited. Completely cleaning the system is costly, and may be the same as buying another tank. I recommend you investigate any alternatives as there may be

2012-07-19 red drinking water:

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Start with your local representative in the municipal government and spread from there to your state rep and then your federal representative(s). Document the issue well

2012-06-24 Silt / Sand separation and restoration in ocean:

There are processes to filter silt, but I would advise you to completely research all avenues thoroughly. Ecological systems are very fragile and any changes can have unintended consequences.     I believe


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