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D. Gabe Gabriel


Railroad and Trains, covering railway history and railway safety systems

Experience in the area

Railway safety systems has been my profession for 35+ years, at all levels, working for railroads (Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak, NJ Transit), and on railwaroad and transit systems as an engineering consultant throughout the US (Chicago Transit Authority, Tren Urbano, MBTA, Florida Tri-Rail, etc), and for government agencies. This has included professional and personal research on rail systems for books and articles, and working as an expert witness in various situations.


American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (US) Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (UK)


US Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration - multiple studies covering railway safety including high speed and magnetic levitation (maglev) regulations; Clear Block (a rail fan periodical); Metro Magazine; Intertel International Newsletter; DiscoverLiveSteam.com online magazine; company periodicals.


Licensed Professional Engineer (Electrical) with focus on railway safety systems;

What do you like about this subject?

Railway systems were first termed "internal communications" in the US and were an instrument for growth - they remain the most efficient means for passenger and freight movement, critical for both the economy and conservation of natural resources.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Technologies, regulations, and customer expectationshave changed constantly for the nearly 40 years I have been involved. Although I learned a lot every day in my early years, I continue to learn as these advance and have to work regularly to stay up to date with advances in technologies and regulatory changes.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The first railways, as we know them, were used only in mines, the first records dating to mid-1500's. These then moved from the mine to an adjacent canal to transport goods, and passenger trains started decades later.

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