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Questions related to contemporary passenger rail vehicles and their technology, including subway, light rail, commuter and intercity rolling stock. Includes all vehicle systems and features along with integration of the vehicles into the general railroad system.

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I have over 22 years of experience in the passenger rail vehicle business as both an engineering manager at a car builder and as a provider of engineering services to commuter railroads and transit agencies in the US. I have worked to apply the latest technologies to passanger rail equipment. I have worked with leaders in our industry to develop and establish Standards and Recommended practices.

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Rail Transportation has proven to be the most effective way to transport the public in large numbers between city suburbs and downtown, or between city pairs less than 350 miles apart. I want to see better use of modern technology to have rail assume its proper place among transportation modes in the US

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Highways upon which cars and trucks ride and the airports from which the airlines operate are built and maintained with public funds, however, intercity railroad right of way is owned and maintained by the private railroads. How profitable would truckers and airlines be if they did not receive this public assistance? Think about that when someone complains about AMTRAK not making a profit...

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Recent Answers from Chris Holliday

2012-07-09 Portland Max light rail vs Portland Streetcar:

Thanks for your question.    While I am not personally familiar with the Portland System or the decisions that went into that cities choices of transit mode, I can offer the following general thoughts

2012-06-23 Passenger rail vs. Commuter rail:

Thanks for your question.    My answer to your question will be in the context of US/North American Rail; different terminology is used in other parts of the world.    Passenger Rail is the broad term

2011-02-02 rail:

Thanks for your question.     What you have is a shipping logistics challenge. You are attempting to work directly with the largest Class 1 railroads for your rather small shipment, so your frustration

2010-08-12 CSX:

Thanks for your question    CSX was formed on July 1, 1986 as the result of a merger between the Chessie System Railroad and the Seaboard System Railroad. Here is a link to the details:    http://en.wikipedia

2010-05-02 Dimensions of passenger coaches:

Thanks for your question.    The name Pullman refers to a company which was founded in 1862 by George Pullman to build luxury sleeping coaches for railroad use. This company and the rolling stock it built


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