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Software questions for Adept & Unimation robot systems.

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Worked at Unimation for 7 years in Software department. Worked on Adept robot/vision systems (software) for 8 years as a contractor/systems person.

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2006-05-30 SLAVE interface:

I have not worked on the SLAVE interface for many years.    As far as reading the correct joint angles from memory, this should be correct if the A-B interface is working.  The values should be obtained

2005-03-15 automation:

Again, the only experience I have is with robotics and not other machinery.    I know that robots have been used where precision is necessary for a specific job.  For example, if sealant needs to be placed

2005-03-14 automation:

I am not sure if I am qualified to answer your entire question, but I have been involved in robotics since about 1980.  The general feeling about robotics (back then) was that it should mainly be used


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