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machine tool setup and operation,selection and use of cutting tools, welding and metalfabrication methods, machining of plastics and metals,cad/cam,cnc,workholding and all related questions regarding metalworking and finishing

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over 25 years experience as a class a machinist in both job shop and r&d

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michelle zielinski02/25/16101010Thank YOu for your time
Prashant S Akerkar07/31/15101010Dear Dave Thanks. Thanks & Regards Prashant .....
Prashant S Akerkar07/31/15101010Dear Dave Thanks. Thanks & Regards Prashant .....
Jerry11/30/13101010Thanks Dave

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2015-11-04 Calibration:

Doug,  I had a similar situation. We used tape measures because the product was very long and not critical. The shop was ISO certified. In our quality policy it was stated that with tape measures there

2015-07-29 Drill machine reengineering.:

There are machines and tools with multi-spindles already being manufactured. The biggest obstacle to overcome with them is setup. You must have a large enough order to account for all the extra setup time

2015-01-20 Bit selection for milling / cutting of an unusual material:

Andrew,  I am stumped on this one. If it were me I would try to shear it rather than cut it. Kind of like a paper cutter. If you have a hydraulic arbor press, setup some clamps to hold the paper, make

2014-11-24 Manual Machining: Getting into the trade:

Hello,  This is going to be a long answer. Lets start off with you can earn a decent living. If you are good at what you do. Layoffs can and will happen, but I think that happens in any trade. Do not expect


Jim,  Not real sure what you are looking for. Before the (expensive)electronic gages  I always used a surface finish comparator like this one at MSC.   MSC Part #:67642678 I still have


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