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I can answer questions you may have regarding Millwright trade exams such as power transmission, safety, fluid power, some welding questions, bearings, and rigging and hoisting, as well as a variety of questions about equipment maintenance. Troubleshooting questions are ok, but without physically looking at and testing the equipment (as there are infinite numbers of industrial equipment applications), these questions may be difficult to accurately answer.

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I am a licensed industrial mechanic/millwright (Canada - C of Q red seal). I have 13 years experience as a Millwrigt, maintenance supervisor, maintenance manager and operations and engineering manager.


Millwright license (Red Seal). I have also written a millwright study guide and shop reference manual that was designed to assist mechanics in passing the millwright trade exam.

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Randy09/04/13101010Perfect Matt! Thanks for your prompt reply .....
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Recent Answers from Matt Bolger

2015-03-12 Millwright Ramsey Test:

Hi Mick.    The study guide can be purchased online at There are two versions; a digital copy, or a printed copy.   Both are identical in content, but one is emailed in pdf

2014-11-26 Questions per Rigging and Hoisting via Millwright Study Guide:

Good morning.    The answer to question number two can be found using the formula (DxD)x8 giving an answer in tons.  SO, in this question, we can take the diameter of 1/2" and plug it into the formula

2014-03-25 Power Transmission:

Good morning Ron.    Glad to help out!    So, the question is:    A belt is wrapped around a 6.25 pulley and has 220 degrees of contact. How much of the belt is contacting the pulley? (Use 3.14159 for

2013-09-13 Belt length:

Hi Bernie,    Accurate belt length is found with the formula from the link below:

2013-09-03 c of q:

Hi Randy.    It used to be that your license was provincial specific if you got a 60%-69% grade on your c of q.  A 70% or higher automatically gave you what is known as an inter-provincial license.   


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