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I can answer questions relating to the control of machines and processes using "Single Board Computers" (SBC). This includes the specification of sensors to detect the state of the machine or process and the development of a program to control the system.

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I am a Physicist with more than 30 years experience in R&D and about 15 years specifically applying SBC to control problems.

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Bill01/08/10101010Thanks Carl, Good honest advice!
Raivis10/28/09101010Thank you Carl for your time!
Raivis10/22/09101010I really didn't expect a reply, at .....
Gil Eylom06/01/08101010Thank you very much. it is as .....

Recent Answers from Carl Baxter

2012-10-06 transfering data+PLC:

Roy,    It depends on the number of pins on the PIC you need to monitor, but in many instances the PC printer port is most convenient.  This assumes you have a traditional 25 parallel printer port on your

2012-05-29 Wire Color Transformer secondary:

Randy,    I can see your problem but I have no experience to help you.  I did look at Wikipedia and found a discussion for distribution boxes and it appeared that getting colors that would be acceptable

2012-05-29 Wire Color Transformer secondary:

I don't think you will be able to use such a general rule for your specific situation.  I'm not sure I understand what guidance you need.  Are you trying to determine how the transformer manufacturer coded

2009-10-28 How to control several motors with PC or laptop 2:

Raivis,    When you first propose the system, you had a plate which could be moved in any direction and fixed hole creating stations.  My judgment was that it was practical to develop a mechanism to position

2009-10-27 How to control several motors with PC or laptop 2:

Raivis,    Thank you for the drawing.  Have you considered the problems of moving the punch and die together, top and bottom of the workpiece?  They have to be aligned with great precision and held in


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