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I have been a volunteer on this site since 2001, I have since completed my BS in computer science (with a minor in math and physics), I also run my own business fixing computers and tutoring people.

Experience in the area

I have built my own computer, I manage about 5 web sites (all mine), I have taken many computer classes at school (including Visual Basic programming basic and advanced), and I subscribe to PC Gamer and read their reviews about new games and hardware.


Boy Scouts of America, North West Steam Society




4 years of High School, where I enrolled in a year of Visual Basic Programming, and 3 years of Computer Drafting.
5 years of Community College, where I enrolled in almost all of the programming courses offered
4 years of University, where I majored in Computer Science and minored in math and physics.

Awards and Honors

Eagle Award (Boy Scouts)

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to help others learn about computers and maybe increase my own knowledge.

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Prashant S Akerkar02/13/17101010Dear Art Thanks. Prashant
Cameron05/07/16101010I appreacate you answering this question for .....
Prashant S Akerkar02/06/14101010Dear Art Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....

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2017-01-03 batteries for a special project:

Well, to be honest you sound like you already figured it out, radio shack does sell some AAA battery holders that will output roughly 3 volts, you'll need one with at least 3 cells.    another way of doing

2016-12-28 batteries for a special project:

coin batteries are not that expensive on the internet, I found one on ebay for $1 for 5 of them.    Also, you can't use just a single AAA battery, Most coin batteries are 3 Volts, a single AAA battery

2016-04-30 ITS OPEN:

if by 'not covered' you mean not insulated and the bare copper wire inside is exposed then yes it is quite dangerous, it's basically as bad as putting a knife into an electrical outlet (unless its the

2016-04-17 MDU1516 Mosfet smoking:

you can try replacing the mosfet, however I think there might be more wrong with it than just a bad chip.    Usually when motherboards fail its due to a much bigger problem (lots of capacitors, bad components

2016-01-22 Motherboard:

correct, be aware that if its a name-brand computer (like HP or Dell) the new motherboard might not fit. There are plenty of cheap cases on the market (I go to and look through their cases first)


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