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I can answer questions about electronic devices' development processes, PCB design and manufacturing processes, Assembly processes and anything related to electronic products engineering. I do not provide schematic designs or any other designs for free. I can, however, give advice on the validity of new designs.I'll not answer questions regarding fixing electronic products/devices or draw schematics for you! I can and will help you fix your processes. Electronic product engineering IS NOT electronic engineering!

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I have more than 20 years experience in electronic products engineering.Anything and everything from design through manufacturing to maintenance.


Aviariana Engineering and Training Ltd.

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Product engineering is like playing multi-dimensional "Lego". Each tiny block must be fit in to its place at the right time. Paying attention to details is important and time schedules can be stressing but the game IS FUN (and you get payed for playing it successfuly)!

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Product engineering is part of the Product Lifecycle Management - PLM - which is a hot subject in both electronics and management worlds. Remember! No PLM is complete without marketing!

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2015-02-12 electronic devices:

Hi Navya,  The working (input) voltage depends on the device. Some inverters work on 12 volts, others on 5  volts or 3 volts. to determine the correct working voltage you must consult the data sheet of

2014-04-25 capicator substitution:

Hi Steve,  In most cases the answer is no. Nonpolarized capacitors are used in DC and AC environments  while polarized capacitors are used only in DC environment.  I would guess that changing a nonpolarized

2013-12-21 Water Resistant Electronic Gadgets.:

Dear Prashant S Akerkar,  There are 2 ways to seal electronic devices:  1. Water proof packaging meaning the plastic or metal package is sealed using a rubber      gasket or a water proof glue.  2. The

2013-09-27 Cell Phone Voice Recorder.:

Dear Prashant S Akerkar,  The devices mentioned in the link were designed to solve the consumer business needs.  Software applications might not be enough. It all depends on the cell phone's hardware.

2013-08-19 LCD /LED TV with Integrated DVD / VCD / CD Player Product.:

Dear Prashant S Akerkar,  Yes you can integrate LCD/LED TV with DVD player.   The problem is not the remote control.  The problem is the DVD reading system which should be level and not in 90  degrees


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