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Happy to help with your questions about the business of television. I've been a TV Business Affairs, Talent and Comedy executive for over 10 years after starting out as a child actress. I've been a VP at two studios, and consulted for others. Because we get so many questions about reality shows, please take a look at the "Previously Answered Questions" first (you'll probably find what you need there!). Also - please bear in mind that budgets & license fees are considered to be proprietary information and I can't share them here. Thanks!

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20+ years in entertainment, ranging from child actress to studio vice president.


MBA, Pepperdine University / BA, Theatre Arts, Occidental College / AA Mass-Telecommunications Technology, Unites States International University

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Hi, William.    My best research indicates that CBS probably owns the rights to this show through one division or another.  I would recommend you try reaching out to their Legal Department.  If the cast

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Hi, Adrienne -     I'm really happy to see you and your family are still pursuing your dreams.    Things have changed a little - it is much, much easier to create your own opportunities these days, and

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Hi, Rick.    Really glad to hear I was able to point you in the right direction.  We don't always get to hear about the results from questions on here, so that's just terrific.    In your case, do NOT

2015-06-17 new children's T.V. compettion show:

Hi, Martin.    I'm not personally in a position to represent you, but I'm happy to share some ideas.    - If you look through my previously answered questions, you'll see how I suggest using a trial subscription

2015-02-16 Pitch Bible:

Hi, Rick.    Thanks for the kind words.  Javi is truly generous with his knowledge.    I didn't ask before, but where are you living?  The reason I'm asking is that the scenario you describe seems a little


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