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Oldies music/oldies radio and radio in general with 17 years in Internet Radio.

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I have been in the field of radio broadcasting for over 38 years. I have held positions from General Manager to salesperson, from on air to engineering. Currently I operate WBED-LPFM and online at


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2016-10-24 Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much commercials:

In a simple word "greed". While you used to hear many smaller commercial breaks, many of the larger radio companies now pile 5-10 minutes into one break. They have effectively ruined radio with these tactics

2016-07-20 Can a person from the United Kingdom become a:

As far as I know there is no rule that would forbid it. As long as you do all the right things to enter the USA you are fine. The only problem would be if you ever got into station ownership. The FCC rules

2015-10-28 Touch screen tuner in radio Receiver.:

I would think so. But this is only a guess as this is a bit out of my area of broadcasting. They have touch screens for most anything. If nothing else, a smart phone interface that would allow a phone

2012-07-24 Unknown Call Letters:

Sorry this has taken me a bit to get to, its been swamped at work. You can always find call letter info at that can give you a start to see

2012-05-24 "syndicated" radio show:

Yes you would have to have a license of some sort. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC may be involved depending on the music. If it is unlicensed music or indy music you won't. The stations would have to have a license


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