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General Radio and Television history, law, jobs, etc. Programming, trends, new technology.

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Author of textbook: Radio: A Complete Guide to the Industry, 20 years experience in the industry. Professor of Communications


Ph.D. University of Tennessee M.S.M.C. Arkansas State University B.A. Columbia College, Chicago

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There is so much to know. I'm always researching the history of the Electronic Media. By understanding the past, we find lessons for the present.

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2016-10-25 Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much:

Satellite radio (SiriusXM) has had an impact on commercial radio, but not as much as they had hoped for. Originally Sirius and XM were competing companies but the market couldn't support two satellite

2016-10-24 Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much:

The goal of AM and FM stations (with the exception of non-commercial stations such as college or NPR) is to make money. The way stations make money is by selling commercial air time. This is the only way

2016-07-25 What happen that when a person on the radio wants to:

I don't know of any age restrictions for on-air talent. I'm sure somewhere a child has had his/her own show. The only tough part would be selling the idea to a station. Children aren't really a key demographic

2016-07-21 What happen that when a person on the radio wants to:

I think prerecording your interview is a perfectly reasonable request. The FCC has eased a lot of rules. The DJ is the one who needs to worry about violating them. If you swear on the air (the one that

2016-07-21 Can a person from the United Kingdom become a DJ on a radio:

I would only be guessing here but I would say that some Americans from the South speak a dialect that is difficult for people from other parts of the U.S. to understand, not only those in Europe. Those


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