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Can answer general radio broadcasting questions, voice overs, radio production, radio advertising, station operation, AM radio questions, programming questions, local radio questions, radio marketing, radio tech, radio formats, radio education, podcasting, radio and the internet

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More than 20 years experience working for small and medium market radio stations in New England.


High school graduate, learned all I had through the School of Hard Knocks.

What do you like about this subject?

Radio is a wonderful medium, and in some cases, a dying breed of media. I like to at least think that local radio can still survive among corporate giants of the era.

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Recent Answers from Marc Lemay

2016-07-21 Can a person from the United Kingdom become a DJ:

There is no "standard" accent in the US.  The Northeast (New York/Boston) has a few of their own accents alone - let alone Rhode Island (which can have a hybrid of NYC and Boston).  Maine has a few...southern

2016-07-21 Can a person from the United Kingdom become a DJ:

It's what the ear is accustomed to hearing.  If you're born in the South, you grow up hearing the accent to the point, you don't hear it after a while...that is...until you go somewhere else in the US

2016-07-20 Can a person from the United Kingdom become a DJ:

Absolutely!  English is our primary language in both the US and the UK.  If you're talking about accents, that's fine as well - some stations would probably love to have someone with a bit of an accent

2015-07-19 Radio Station Costs Per Hour:

You would sell advertising to local/regional businesses in order to make/keep money. You would offer the program to small/medium market stations in a barter agreement - they agree to play your commercials

2015-07-19 Radio Station Costs Per Hour:

Hi Art -     The best way to "sell" this station in 2015?  Offer it as a barter program for small market stations.  Unless you're a Rush Limbaugh, most stations don't even consider a program they have


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