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linux, solaris, programing, C, C++, awk, perl, tcl, prolog, shell scripts, HTTP, IRC (client,server), NNTP, SMTP (sendmail,exim), TCP/IP, security, hardening, image processing, project management,

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I have a Msc compatible degree for system engineering and am Sun certified system administrator. I also received training for Perl and Project Management. Lastely, I have been programming for the last 15 years.

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Prashant S Akerkar01/01/14101010Dear Ralf Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
Ask06/23/13101010I appreciate your prompt response Ralf, Kindly .....
Prashant S Akerkar04/02/13101010Dear Ralf Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
Prashant S Akerkar03/31/13101010Dear Ralf Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....

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2014-06-29 M.Sc or M.Tech/M.E:

Hi,    sorry - I am not familiar with the NASA recruitment policies.      In general I'd recommend to do research that is relevant in the most generic way to you. It is 3 years of work that must be interesting

2013-04-01 Biometrics Systems.:

Hi,   the Social Security Number (SSN) is just that, a number and an identifier of a data record in a database. Therefore, it will not need redesigning or changing unless the concept or use changes.  

2013-03-29 Remote control device for Laptops and Desktop computers.:

Hi Prashant,    1) yes it is - using the services provided by or others I can use my smartphone to remote control my desktop computer from anywhere. The limitations are that the computer

2013-03-18 Identifying New Data Structures.:

Hi,    this is a matter of taxonomy, i.e. the correct generalisation of a given data structure and their access algorithm.      To give you an exaple: a array, a stack or a queue share the same principle

2013-01-11 IT:

Hi,    magnetic core [1]:  a way of storing and retrieving data prior to the use of semiconductors.      land & pit [2] : the designation of a binary state as recorded in a cd (land = 1, pit = 0).    


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