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Anything about carpet cleaning, stretching, removing, and re-installing. I can answer questions about pet stains and odors and mold problems. I can tell you how to remove Kool-aid type stains and how to know when to give up and call a pro.

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I have been cleaning carpeting for 26 years.


IICRC certified in cleaning, fire and flood restoration, pet odor, dying, and odor control.

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2015-09-17 Stain on leather couch:

BE VERY careful. Anything that could remove the stain could also allow it to spread. A cleaning fluid that will dissolve the end can be used by putting the fluid on a cloth towel and dobbing the ink stain

2015-08-26 Cleaning bathroom mat:

Sorry to be so long answering. EMAIL issues with new version of Windows.    I usually do this kind of thing with a garden hose. Be careful, unless it is an expensive one, the pressure my separate the pieces

2014-12-23 microfiber couch:

Sorry to be so long answering this, I've had some email trouble.     The best thing to do is rinse this with water. Try not to get the material inside wet, but dampen the spot with water and suction that

2013-04-05 How can I remove the brown stains from white linens:

What are the stains? Where I live I have a heavy iron content in my water. ALSO the soil here has a heavy iron content. IRON causes reddish to brown stains that I have not been able to remove. It it's

2012-10-12 How to rid tiled floors of pet smell:

If you called me out on this job I would tell you that the only way to guarantee that the smell will go away is to remove the tile. The problem with removing it COULD be that it IS VA tile. IN that case


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