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I can answer most of the questions about the workings of a Fuzzy Logic machine, from the basics up to a certain advanced point.Questions regarding applications of Fuzzy systems intregrating with other technologies such as Neural Nets or Genetic Algorithms are propably out of my reach although,with some research,i could try to answer them(i have working knowledge of Neural Nets an Genetic Algorithms but i`m far from being consider an expert to these areas).

Experience in the area

I have experience in Fuzzy Logic gained in projects i have been part of.The last project was a robotic vehicle that used a Fuzzy Logic path tracker which i designed.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,M.Eng. Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens,Phd, Computational Intelligence in Robotics

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Prashant S Akerkar 09/02/16101010Dear George Thanks. Prashant
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2011-07-28 AI and singularity:

Hi Geoff,    you raise a serious question, which cannot be answered with a simple response, or within the confines of this site (and frankly, would require too much time on my behalf to make a valid case)

2011-01-14 Career options:

I suppose that AI might be best for you. However, you must take into consideration that corporations are hesitant to do R&D, unless they gonna gain much.R&D is an expensive activity and either very big

2011-01-14 Career options:

Hi Pinak,    i should first tell you that we probably live in different countries, where the IT market has different needs. Thus, keep that in mind and take this with a grain of salt. I believe that the

2010-10-16 Looking for journals:

Hi Frans,    if you have a specific paper you want, you can google it or try citeseerx. Other than that, you could try open access journals (see hindawi for example) and see if there is a cognitive science

2010-09-29 image processing:

Hi sasidhar,    i think that this has already been done (although i can't find the exact paper right now). I suggest you google "smart traffic lights" and read through. You'll find many implementations


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