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I can answer questions relating to wildlife health and disease, conservation, management, and general information questions or concerns.

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I have a life-long interest in wildlife.


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2016-05-21 Squirrel tail:

Hi Jean,    Thank you for taking care of this little squirrel! It's certainly possible that he may lose more of his tail if the circulation has been compromised.     Since he does not seem to have full

2016-04-17 Baby morning dove:

Hi Virginia!    Thank you for saving this baby!     I would suggest taking the dove to a wildlife center, wildlife veterinarian, or licensed wildlife rehabilitator near your area. They can provide the

2016-04-13 Mallard nesting:

Hi Elizabeth!    I would consult with your regional Parks & Wildlife agency. Most wild ducks are protected by state and federal laws, and it may be illegal to disturb the nesting site.     The ducks should

2015-07-09 Aggressive squirrel behavior:

Hi Barbara,    It sounds like you have a squirrel that knows how to get what she wants! Squirrels that have been habituated in residential areas can learn how to gain entrance into homes, especially if

2015-07-09 geese:

Hi Laura,    That is certainly unusual behavior for Canada Geese. Like most wild animals, they often avoid human contact and hiss and threaten to bite if you get too close. Do they have all of their adult


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