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What is the cause of fibromyalgia? Why can't doctors help me? Why don't people understand my pain? What can we do to help reduce the pain?

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I can teach you how to eliminate your pain, so that you can live a healthy, stress free life, and actually enjoy your time here. I have helped clients with pain, stress, relationships, and personal performance problems since 1998 and consider myself the pain advocate.



Advanced Certified in EFT Advanced Certified in Reconnective Healing Advanced Certified in Law of Attraction Work Certified in Psyhcological Kinesiology Certified in Ion Cleansing Certified in The Emotion Code Certified in The Release Technique Certified in Reiki

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Latest graduate of my program was totally unable to leave his house due to exhaustion, pain and falling issues. He suffered 20 out of the 65 different disorders associated with fibro. In month one, we released most of his pain. In month two, we looked at his present and future lifestyle changes. By month three, he had the job he had always wanted, and was pain free. Doctors can't help you and have no idea what the problems are. That doesn't mean that you're doomed, it means they can't help you. If you have a strong urge to get your life back, then it's possible, you no matter what you've been told. You just need to know where to find the help.

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