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Where can I find a doctor to treat my fibromyalgia?
What kind of doctor treats fibromyalgia?
What kinds of non-medical things can I do to help my fibromyalgia?
Is (fill in blank) a symptom of fibromyalgia?
Where can I find a support group for fibromyalgia?
Where can I find a listing of the Tender Points of fibromyalgia?
The doctor just told me I have fibromyalgia. What are some things I should do first?
What is a good book to read about fibromyalgia?

Experience in the area

I have had fibromyalgia myself since 1993.


Associates degree

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

New ways to that I can help my fibromyalgia myself and also learn of new ways the doctors and clinicians have of helping us.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Fibromyalgia is considered a syndrome, not a disease. It is a collection of symptoms, but not a defined DISEASE. 5/30/05...UPDATE...there is new information through the Fibromyalgia Network that fibro may actually be a disease.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Whether fibromyalgia is progressive or not seems to be an interesting controversy right now. Some patients do seem to have a "progressive" course in that their fibro gets worse each year. Because we have no measurements (fibromyalgia doesn't cause any sort of degeneration/deformity of any part of the body), we really can't term it progressive. Currently I'm trying to think of a better term.

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2015-02-05 Possible fibromyalgia.:

Hi Madeline,  Sorry to be so late in answering but I did not receive a notification that I had a question waiting.    Was a Tender Points test done to determine that she has fibro? That is still the onky

2014-11-26 My Multiple issues:

Hi Ashis...the fatigue is a very common symptom of fibromyalgia, but the nightime sweating and visual phenomena when you sneeze are not commonly related to fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia's main symptom is

2014-08-11 trigger point self treatment:

Hi Rick...firstly, there is a difference between fibro tender points and trigger points. Fibro tender points are in very specific places (see illustration here:

2013-08-31 fibromalgia doctors:

Hi Brenda,  First ask your primary care doctor if he or she treats fibro, and if not, ask for a referral within your insurance's system of doctors. Many different types of doctors treat fibromyalgia: internists

2012-03-07 normal:

Hi Nestor...first, I'm not a medical professional so any irregularity in your normal health should be checked by a doctor. As far as having fibromyalgia, yes, our 'normal' is to be a bit sore even when


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