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I can answer most questions relating to Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, and Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. In addition, I can also provide advice regarding side trips from those places (such as Universal Studios Orlando as a side trip from Walt Disney World). I am also adept in the use of public transportation, so if you are not planning to use a car for your trip I am the right person to look to. Please note though, that traveling by car is not one of my strongest points, so please don't ask me any questions regarding highway travel.

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Star-studded Walt Disney World veteran, also have been to Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Resort. Experience in car-free travel in Japan, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Chicago.


HS Diploma and two bachelor's degrees (business and sociology)

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2010-10-13 univeresal tickets:

Scalping, the practice of reselling unused or partially used tickets, is illegal in some states. It may also be a violation of corporate policy banning transfer of tickets or retail by third-party brokers

2008-04-15 Dwarfs and height requirements:

Any person, regardless of age, not meeting a ride's height requirement is not permitted to ride. This is because height is a determining factor as to how the restraining devices function. A person too

2008-03-20 Disney Parks:

I'm glad you asked me this question. I have been both to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, as you saw on my profile.    Of those two I like the one in Japan better. Tokyo Disneyland's

2007-10-04 Universal Studios Hollywood:

Yes. It is not unheard of for wait times to last up to two hours on the busiest of days.     If you want to skip lines, my suggestion is to buy the Front of the Line Pass. It costs $99.00 but is well worth

2007-10-03 Universal Studios Hollywood:

I cannot be absolutely sure. Try to expect a minimum wait time of about 5 minutes to a maximum time of half an hour or more.


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