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I have been in the PEZ collecting hobby since 1993. I am available to answer questions in relation to values, conditions, buying, selling, or trading PEZ DISPENSERS. I do NOT know anything about Daisy Air Guns.

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My Collection can be viewed at -- PEZ -- Bought, Sold, & Traded online for over a decade!



Please do NOT ask me questions about Daisy toy guns, Thank You.

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Andrew01/29/17101010Thank you very much, it was a .....
Dusty DuBois01/19/17101010 
Rhonda04/03/16101010Dale, Thank you for the quick response .....
Andrew08/24/15101010Very thorough and knowledgeable. He knew exactly .....
Mariah01/31/13101010I got the pez dispenser three years .....

Recent Answers from Dale Pike

2017-01-16 Peez dispenser:

Hi Dusty,    Good question... one that comes up quite often....  Today's value for a dispenser sold currently, is approximately $2...    If the dispenser/packaging is from the 50's, 60's, 70's values could

2015-08-22 Universal Monster Pex:

Hi Andrew,  Definitely a very popular set of PEZ from the mid 60's for any collector!    They were made in short supply by today's standards,,, and were very popular, as you can imagine, with the kids

2013-09-02 full body santa claus pez:

Hi Meg,  What a great item!  Without a doubt, definitely keep it all together a single item!!!    Broken down, each full body Santa (in mint condition) is valued around $75'ish...  x12 = $900 retail.

2013-06-11 25th Anniversary Star Trek Set:

Hi Mike,  Back, say about 20 years ago, a mis-packaged dispenser was a real rarity...  Unfortunately, these days, it is all too common...  Even in the "special sets" that are mass produced for collectors

2013-01-30 pez dispenser:

PEZ Co has gone through multiple stages of growth over the past two decades...  More newer dispensers are coming out now than ever before...  Also, quality control seems to have adjusted their priorities


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