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I am a collector of bubble blowers and can direct others to where they might find a specific bubble blower, and also help them get more information about bubbles and bubble blowers. Feel free to ask any bubble related questions and if I don`t know the answer I`ll give you some other ideas to explore. Please note that I am a COLLECTOR of bubble blowers, not a seller, but I can often point you in the right direction for one you would like to find.

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I have been collecting bubble blowers for many, many years, and have around 700 in my personal collection. I have built a "museum" of bubble blowers over the years online at

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Recent Answers from Marilyn

2016-08-11 Carousel horse:

Carousel horses are outside my area of expertise (bubble blowing equipment/toys).     However, when I want to learn about a new area of collectibles, I always start at ebay and read all the descriptions

2012-12-15 antique toy:

Hi John,    Unfortunately, my specialty is bubble blowing toys, so I can't be a lot of help.  This does look like an old toy, however, and is certainly worth doing more investigating about.  It looks like

2012-09-21 The Royal Bubbler ( Necklace):

Sorry, but I don't know the company and I don't have one in a box that I could check.      What you might try is, when one is for sale on eBay, you can send a message to the seller.  Maybe the seller either

2011-11-08 Bubble Blowers website:

Hi -- you are very welcome to use my site as a link for further information.  You are also welcome to use any information you find on the site, as long as you give credit to the source.      Good luck

2011-09-28 bart simpson doll:

This is outside my area of expertise (bubble blowers), but you might get the best information on value by doing a search at eBay.  Search for "bart simpson" (use the quote marks) in the category of "Toys


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