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Michael Zarnock


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I am able to answer questions about Hot Wheels toy cars and accessories.

Experience in the area

Michael Zarnock is an American author and columnist, who writes collector guides and articles about Hot Wheels toy cars and accessories. Michael's knowledge and his massive Hot Wheels collection has earned him notoriety around the world. Whether it be because of the 13 books, numerous chapters in other books and countless magazine articles that he has written, holding a Guinness World Record twice, being featured in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” twice, or just the sheer size and diversity of his collection, this extensive knowledge has earned him the label,
"One of the worlds leading Hot Wheels authorities."
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July 2010 – Present
Diecast Hall of Fame
Curator/Diecast Hall of Fame Selection Committee Member

February 2009 - Present
Town of Deerfield New York-Planning Board Chairman
Appointed Board Member-February 2009
Appointed Chairman-January 2012

March 2008 – Present
ToyPedia-Advisory Board Member

April 2002 – February 2011
Children's Museum of Utica, New York
Co-Chairman Board of Directors

January 2010 – February 2011
Oneida County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Board of Directors

June 2006 – December 2010
Soprano's Car Cruzers Car Club Member

September 2006 – December 2009
Mohawk Valley Corvette Club Member


2011-Present - "Die Cast X Magazine"
(Hot Wheels Highway & Flashback Sections)
2009-2010 - "The Car Room Magazine" (Hot Wheels Column)
2008-2009 - "Die Cast X Magazine" (Hot Wheels Column)
2002 to 2008 - "Toy Cars & Models Magazine"
(Hot Wheels Column & Variation Price Guide)
2002 - "The Ultimate Guide to Hot Wheels Variations"
2002 - *"The Standard Catalog of Die-Cast Vehicles II"
2003 - "Warman's Hot Wheels Field Guide"
2004 - "Hot Wheels Variations, The Ultimate Guide, 2nd Edition"
2004 - *"Toys & Prices - 11th Edition"
2005 - "Hot Wheels Accessories, The Ultimate Guide"
2005 - *"Toys & Prices - 12th Edition"
2005 - *"The Standard Catalog of Die-Cast Vehicles III"
2006 - "Hot Wheels: A Warman's Companion Guide"
2006 - *"Toys & Prices - 13th Edition"
2007 - "Hot Wheels Variations, The Ultimate Guide 3rd Edition"
2007 - *"Toys & Prices - 14th Edition"
2007 - "Warman's Hot Wheels Field Guide 2nd Edition"
2008 - *"Toys & Prices - 15th Edition"
2009 - *"Toys & Prices - 16th Edition"
2009 - "Hot Wheels: A Warman's Companion Guide 2nd Edition"
2009 - "Once Upon A Street Race"
(Based on the true story of the time Mike got kidnapped at a street race!)
2010 - "Hot Wheels Variations, The Ultimate Guide 4th Edition"
2010 - "Warman's Hot Wheels Field Guide 3rd Edition"
2011 - "Hot Wheels Prototypes" (Bruce Pascal & Michael Zarnock)
2012 - "Warman's Hot Wheels Field Guide 4th Edition"
2014 - "Hot Wheels Variations 2000-2013 Identification & Price Guide"
* - Denotes Hot Wheels Collector Number chapters on that publication.


There are no Educational Credentials needed for this area, just the need to be obsessed!

Awards and Honors

2003-Guinness World Record "Largest Collection of Different Model Cars"
2007-Guinness World Record "Largest Collection of Different Model Cars"
2008-"Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" Featured in book #5 “Prepare To Be Shocked!”
2009-Inducted into the "Diecast Hall Of Fame" as "Hot Wheels Historian"
2009-Mattel Hot Wheels® honored Michael by reproducing his old Altered Roadster Race Car as part of their Nostalgic "Drag Strip Demons®" Series!
2011-"Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" Featured in book "Utterly Crazy!"

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There is always something to learn! It seems every time to look into one thing, you find information about something else!

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are over 15 million Hot Wheels collectors around the world!
Since 1968, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels® cars have been produced. That’s more than Detroit’s “Big Three” have manufactured, combined, since the start of the auto industry!
Two Hot Wheels cars are sold every second somewhere around the world!

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Hi Robert,  I have asked the Matchbox experts that I know and have not gotten any answers. I have no idea why there would be an elephant on the base. You can send Charlie Mack an email, if anyone would

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As I said Brett, yours is the only one I have seen. Everything that I know points to it being mis-formed when it was molded.   Have you seen any others? I'm pretty sure that you have the only one. As far


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