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I am an expert in terrier grooming and have been the expert on the dog grooming site for well over a year. While I am trained as an all breed groomer my true expertise is in the art of terrier grooming. Hand plucking for pets, to be specific.

Experience in the area

23 years as a professional pet groomer, 20 of them specifically working with wire hair breeds. Private residential business in Manhattan with over 250 client and have done over 30,000 groomings.


Twin Brooks Kennel Club, former Board member Metropolitan Dog CLub, regular contributer to Groomer Talk at


website: educational DVD Groomertalk at


NY School of Dog Grooming, apprenticed with major professional show dog handlers and breeders.

Past/Present Clients

website has testimonials available- I do not list private clients

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2015-10-19 1 year old jack russell:

Sorry to hear this  Most commonly food and grass related allergies are impossible to control without a good allergist- your dog is young to have such problems.  I would ask the vet about Apoquel- Stop

2015-05-14 Jack Russell Anal Gland leakage :(:

Hi Suzanne,  Well that sounds pretty nasty... You should take your dog to the vet and have his glands checked- it could be an infection. They may need to be removed. Could just need a course of antibiotics

2015-01-19 Is cairn/yorkie a good fit:

Hi Karen,  Sounds to me like you have your hands full already. Why don't you give your blind dog who is going through this, some down time before you get a a rambunctious puppy that could cause some serious

2014-09-10 seeking rat terrier:

I completely understand your predicament - been there several times. Have you looked into breed rescue? Try to start.   I know these groups seem dauntingly particular but it

2014-06-22 Which dog breed?:

Hi Lawrence,  You have quite a list. I am glad you have it because you need to realize that  dogs need more than what you are asking for unless you are will to pay for the reality. Dogs need a lot more


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