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Answer basic space flight questions, research info on specific space flights. Answer questions on astronomy

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Amateur astronomer and avid astronomy/space flight fan for 31 years.


Official NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador for Arkansas and Missouri (one of about 300 nationwide). (


Numerous local and area newspapers.



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2016-05-18 Space Debris:

Designing spacecraft so they will escape orbit when commanded to (keep a storage of fuel) or fall from orbit at such an angle that debris burns up thoroughly and lands in the ocean.  Getting rid of debris

2016-05-16 Space Junk:

Hi, thanks for writing!  Space debris is a real hazard.  Flights need to be designed so that they do not leave debris in earth orbit (other areas outside earth orbit are so huge that it is not likely a

2016-05-11 Space Debris:

Hi, thanks for writing.  Space junk is a real problem.  Although we are doing a lot toward detecting it, I feel we need to do more to prevent this danger to our satellites and astronauts, returning dangerous


Hi, Lee, thanks for writing.  Personally, I think that it would be difficult technology to travel between stars, as you said.  Those distances are unbelievable.  On the other hand, a lot of things go on

2015-10-27 Life outside Earth:

Hi, thanks for writing!  My opinion is that, with over a billion trillion stars in the universe, God surely put life on a planet around more than just one of those stars (the Sun).  There is possible primitive


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