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I can answer most general NFL questions, don't know much about the college game. I can help with any kind of rules questions, federation, college, or pro.

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Prashant S Akerkar09/15/15101010Dear Darrel Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....
armando04/22/14101010THANKS, DARREL.

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2014-03-12 nfhs rules:

Armando:    I hope I'm understanding your question, if not resend it with a little more classification.     K cannot catch a kick in flight on a free kick and retain possession, in a scenario like that

2013-01-07 1 point safety:

I spoke with a guy who is our rules interpreter for our semi-pro football officials group (We use NFL rules) While neither of us have ever heard of this happening, here is the one instance we believe this

2013-01-05 1 point safety:

It would have been the same if it were for a 2 point try as well.     It is my understanding that the NFL safety on the try could only be registered by the defense and not by the offense.     For example

2011-11-11 Out of bounds rule:

If the WR was jammed out of bounds or if the official ruled that he was jammed out and returned as soon as possible, then he ruled this play correctly. The only way the receiver would have been ineligible

2011-10-18 Which wild card teams have won the Superbowl?:

The following teams have won the super bowl after starting the playoffs as a wild card:      Oakland Raiders - super bowl 15    Denver Broncos -  SB 32    Baltimore Ravens - SB 35    Pittsburgh Steelers


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