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I can answer any question regarding the cast, guest cast, the episodes, and the politics. Anything I don`t know off the top of my head, I can find very quickly.

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I have an honours degree in politics and work as an analyst for the government. I have seen every episode more times than I can count, and own them all on DVD.

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2008-10-12 respect for the presidency:

Hello,    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was racking my brain and my internet sources, trying to figure this one out. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with anything. I will keep it in mind though

2008-08-18 So much information:

There are a few sites dedicated to answering these questions. I've always found it interesting to reference them during or after an episode, it makes learning fun! ;)

2006-05-14 Politics:

The name of the republican candidate Bartlet ran against in 1998 is never mentioned. We do find out, however, that he ran against John Hoynes for the democratic nomination, who was originally leading by

2006-05-07 song performer:

The episode you're thinking of is 'Warfare of Genghis Khan' (s5e13). The song is 'Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground' by Blind Willie Johnson.    Josh's speech is quite moving, so I thought I'd include

2006-04-09 Is Garafolo a Spy?:

I'm not quite sure which episdoe you're referring to. As far as I know, Jeanine Garofalo has only been on the West Wing since "The Mommy Problem" (s07e02) and she played a media consultant who met with


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