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I can answer questions about the preparation of tea, the different kinds of tea and their properties, and many of the other questions I know you tea drinkers and would-be tea drinkers have.

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Tea has become something of an obsession for me. I prepare loose-leaf as well as bagged tea, and am starting to explore the many different kinds.


Graduated high school with high honors

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2017-01-02 switching teas:

Hello, and thank you for your question! I'm sorry to hear about your kidney stone issue. As to your first question about preparing tea, it sort of depends on what form of tea you're using. If you're using

2016-11-08 Teabags:

Hello, and thank you for your question! As packaging it up to the company, I can't say for certain why every company chooses to use stringless teabags as this decision would be up to the company. However

2016-03-19 tea pasteurization:

Sorry for the confusion! After tea is brewed, the shelf life is dramatically shortened. While it is being brewed, the high temperature lowers the risk of bacterial infection. The CDC does not recommend

2016-03-16 tea pasteurization:

Hello, and thank you  for your question! When we brew tea, we remove natural oils from the leaves to flavor the water. This is why we don't usually reuse teabags. After a certain number of brews, there

2015-05-09 Tea bags bursting in microwave:

Hello Michael, and thanks for your question! That sounds like a very frustrating situation. I can think of a few different options. You shouldn't nuke the bags in a metal tea ball because of what happens


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