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I can answer all questions about book rules and "case book" rules governing the playing of ASA softball. Have a REAL situation that happened and are not sure the proper rule was applied, ask me.

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I am a registered ASA umpire, a MASA "At-Large" umpire since 1996 and a retired District Umpire-In-Chief. I have very extensive experience in MASA State Championship and ASA national qualifying tournament play both as an umpire and an Umpire-In-Chief. I completed 3 ASA National Schools including the ASA national advanced umpire school in Ok City("Bernie" for those who know him was the lead clinician, I survived the week and couldn't let my kids watch the game tapes when I got home. No, I love you Bernie). I was one of 4 "Yankee" umpires selected to umpire the Men's D National East Championship in 2002 in Winter Haven FL


Amateur Softball Association (The authority in softball)

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Occasionally an ad appears on my pages that offers to perform for money a service on a bat that alters it. That violates the trademark of both the bat maker and/or ASA cert. If the altered bat was used in any game of softball it would also violate the spirit, ethics and morals of the game. I have absolutely no control over any ad that appears on my pages and receive no compensation of any kind.

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Recent Answers from Dr. Mark R. Ambrose

2017-01-13 Coach leaving box - ASA senior slow pitch:

Hi John    So sorry about being being late, I just had open heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic and should have put I was was unavailable.      This happens usually w F5 and not the coach.  If I have to

2016-12-08 DP/Flex Substition:

hi Pete,  sorry for the delay, I didn't get notice of your q.    AS RS 15 tells us "the role of the DP/Flex is never terminated.  A team may go from 10 to 9 -payers and back to 10 players any number of

2016-12-02 Senior slow pitch softball - ASA rules:

Hi John,    ASA they must be totally in the box 7-3-a and we direct them under 7-3-c and call strikes until they do. We hold up the pitcher until they are legal.  Ask your friend what rule they use to

2016-09-25 Coed walk rule:

Hi Chuck,    ASA does include a rule book to every team that plays registered ASA ball.    In coed if a male is walked with less than 2 out, (he is placed on 2nd (by way of 1st)and she must bat.  With

2016-09-13 Timing Play:

Hi Wayne,    You are absolutely correct, this is a timing play and NOT a force.  As long as R1 scores before the live ball appeal of R2 the run scores.  This is a very basic rule and a common softball


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