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Rule and scoring questions for girls/womens Fastpitch Softball. Primarily High School (NFHS) and ASA

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Rec, Varsity and Travel Ball Coach and High School Umpire


Michigan High School Athletic Association registered official: Softball, Basketball

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Bob02/03/171010You agree with my position, however, there .....
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Recent Answers from Tom Mielke

2017-01-28 Determining home field advantage in a single elimination format:

Bob,     This isn't a topic covered in the rule books!  Typically, the single elim. tournaments I have seen, the highest seed is home team.  The reward for winning early and often!    There is no way to

2016-10-02 Look back rule:

Hi Tony,    Sorry for the delayed response.    A simple switching of the foot that is in contact with the base will not get a call for a look back violation.  If anything, it would be leaving the base

2016-08-10 ASA softball umpire:

While it would be very unusual for the plate umpire to initiate the conversation, nothing rulewose prevents it. The biggest problem with this is the appearance of favortism.  At what point do you decide

2016-07-19 12u fastpitch softball:

Todd,    There is no good answer to your question.  Nothing in the rules of any association covers this.  Sounds like the umpires did the best they could with the mess they created.      Like I said there

2016-07-12 Rule on a batters in the batters box:

At the time of the pitch, both feet must be completely within the batters box.  The lines on the softball field are completely within the area they define.    It is ok for the feet to be touching the lines


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